Trilobyte Tachometers

The purpose of this project was to design a fictional watch based on real watches. The challenge of this project was to create a photorealistic vector watch using a combination of only vectors, blends and meshes in Illustrator.

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Local Kitchen and Wine Merchant

The purpose of this project was to re-brand a local restaurant by creating a new logo and stationary. The restaurant was unique in that it not only offered food but also had a small wine shop attached to it. I wanted to create a logo design that would effectively combine the two facets of their business in a memorable manner.

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Discover Magazine

The purpose of this project was to take an existing magazine cover and redesign it. I chose Discover magazine because I felt that the current design didn’t truly reflect the magazine’s tag line of “Science, Technology and the Future.” Part of the challenge was designing a new logotype that would reflect the tag line as well as creating a new illustration to match the magazine’s main story. Fonts used in this design include, Helvetica Neue, Gotham and Insignia.


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